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      Industrial Uniforms

      Industrial Uniforms

      Professional Coveralls

      • Provides full body protection from the harsh elements and workplace hazards
      • Suitable for shipyard, construction sites and factories
      • Durable and comfortable
      • Features concealed snap closures with chest, hand, and back pockets
      • Heavy-duty zipper
      • Wrinkle-resistant and easy-care stain release

      Professional Factory Uniforms

      • Stylish modern design
      • Entry Pleats for Maximum Comfort and Flexibility
      • Dry-fit materials to ensure your employees stay cool in Singapore’s hot weather.

      All design come in a wide range of Sizes (XXXS – XL), Quality and Breathable Materials (e.g. T/C Cotton, Rayon) and Cutting (e.g. Slim Fit / Straight Cut)

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